About Us

Jango Recipes provides a platform for preparing easy and delicious recipes for everyone. Its healthy and delightful foodies help all age groups to enjoy flavorsome fusions.

We love to experiment and try new ways to cook things, new dishes and generally better ways to cook food. This site has grown over the years and will continue to grow and be updated as we learn new exciting recipes and methods of preparing food.

We are excited to stretch out this site to provide categories and tags and “How To’s” to help search for EXACTLY what your looking to make tonight! Adding our healthy and special diet section also has a warm place with us since we were diagnosed with high blood pressure as so many people are.

We love and had been cooking for years and due to having to focus on the Dash and Mediterranean diets to help with our heath, we wanted to others like us around the world trying to accomplish the same.

We also have recently joined this site to our social accounts and are expanding to all types of markets via videos on Instagram , Pinterest boards, TikTok’s, etc so we can reach all of you that are reading this now. We hope you love the site and please subscribe to get updated material.