5 Healthy Foods That The Population Thinks Are Not

Hello dear readers and readers of this site. Today we started to share here a series of articles on food, recipes and everything else about cooking. And to start off on the right foot, we’ll bring you 5 super healthy foods that you’ve been led to believe are bad for your health.

But be careful, this article can make you freak out and to some extent call the creators of this site crazy. What you will see here goes against everything you have heard about food.

You have every right not to believe what we will report here right away, but for your own sake, we recommend that if you do not believe what is said in that text, that you can open your mind and go after more information on the subject.

What happens is that unfortunately the media, the government and the entire food and pharmaceutical industry do not want you to know this truth, because the products that generate a lot of profit for them are considered healthy when in fact they are not.

Well, let’s get to know what these 5 healthy foods are that until today the great part of the population believes to be harmful to health when in fact they are our allies.

1) EGG

You have probably grown tired of hearing that eggs cause cholesterol and that it is good to avoid consuming too much cholesterol. This fallacy causes people to consume less and less eggs.

However, eggs are one of the best sources of protein you could want for your route. The egg is the type of food you should eat every day, just like many smart and healthy people do, even eating 5 to 6 eggs a day.

As it is one of the most important foods for those looking for a super healthy life, we decided to start this list with them.

Below you can see a video with Dr. Lair Ribeiro (one of the most respected and renowned doctors in the world) where he talks about the characteristics of the egg in a lecture to other doctors.


Another great myth that they insist on spreading around is to affirm that the consumption of red meat is bad for your health and especially for your heart. Well, for thousands of years our ancestors have eaten meat and so, all of a sudden, we start to hear that they are bad.

No, my friends, get it out of your head. Red meat does no harm to your health. Red or white meat, are rich in proteins and saturated fats, which are important for our health.

As much as you were led to believe that saturated fats are an evil, know that in fact they are a great ally to health and, believe it or not, to weight loss. And as our intention with this article is not just to let words out in the wind without any basis hoping that you will believe immediately.

Now, one thing we have to say: obviously we are talking about real meats and not the ones that come with an extra dose of cardboard. 🙂


Butter is considered by many to be a clog of arteries and a great pump for the heart. Butter is so misunderstood that people, believing that it is bad, end up replacing it with a light margarine from these brands that appears all the time in your TV commercials.

If you do that too, if you don’t eat butter at all and have these light margarines in your life thinking they’re doing you and your family well, know that it’s actually damaging your health and yours in every way time they ingest it.

Pure butters from saturated milk fat are great for your health and don’t hurt you. And this is due to the same explanation as red meat. Butters are pure and are only considered villains because people believe that saturated fats are bad.

But in reality, the greatest danger lies in vegetable oils. And of this product the margarines considered “healthy”, are full.


Now you must think that we appeal. Come on, bacons are said to be one of the most responsible for health problems, especially with regard to vascular diseases. Nonsense, bacon is also a food of animal origin rich in saturated fat which makes it harmless to your health.

People eat a snack full of chemistry with the red sauces of life, potato straw, soda and in the end they end up blaming the poor bacon.

It is clear that for the consumption of bacon we also recommend a little caution, but not because it is rich in saturated fat, but because it is a processed product and that most of the time we do not know how this processing is done. But, if you can get good quality bacon, then be happy and eat it without fear.


Coconut oil is even less criticized by the population and for a while now it has gained more and more followers. However, there are still people who believe that it is a health problem. Worse, there are people who, in addition to judging coconut oil as a health hazard, treat vegetable oils as healthy. Many of them induced by this subject below, a subject that was discussed by the master and expert Dr. Lair Ribeiro.

As you may have seen, it is just a wrong subject (not to mention other not so pleasant terms) which makes no scientific sense.

Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid which is the same found in breast milk. Coconut oil is the greatest asset you should have in your home, a food full of health benefits.

That said, here we end our list with the 5 foods considered bad, but which are actually healthy. Now it’s up to you to continue believing what is said there or to delve further into the topic and really know what the bad and good foods are, and not because someone is telling you, but because you studied and learned about it knowledge.

Soon we will bring other similar articles, until then make good use of this and be sure to comment below what you found.