35 Foods That Starts With D

foods that starts with d

If you are looking for a list of foods that starts with d then you are in the right place. In this article, you will find 35 foods that start with the letter “D”.

35 Foods That Starts With D

1. Dewberry

It’s a cousin of the blackberry not only are they incredibly delicious but they really are going to provide you with the life-sustaining sustenance you need. It looks very similar to a black berry and it resembles it in flavor and even the plant has similar medicinal qualities.

2. Dandelion green

Dandelion greens are dark leafy green veggies that are packed with goodness as a matter of fact. They are one of the most vitamin packed foods on the planet they have more fiber protein calcium and potassium than any other green. They’re rich in embedded carotene iron and vitamins A E and K. Dandelion greens are very cleansing. They not only support the digestive system but they also reduce swelling and inflammation in the body.

3. Dates

Dates are an ancient and delicious fruit. They grow on a tree. They’ve been cultivated very long time ago around 8,000 years ago. Date palms are national symbols of Saudi Arabia. It taste good and it’s full of energy. It’s full of vitamins and minerals and fiber.

4. Donuts

A donut or a traditional doughnut is essentially a sweet treat food or confection made of dough or flour batter. It’s very popular in most countries and most often is prepared in different forms such as a traditional sweet treat that can either be made at home or purchased in bakeries, stores, grocery stores, food stalls, franchise outlets, and other specialty vendors.

5. Drumsticks

Drumstick is the fruit of the super tree Moringa. Moringa leaves have high amount of Vitamin C, much more than oranges, High amount of Vitamin A, much more than carrots, High amounts of Iron, much more than Spinach, high amounts of calcium much more than milk. They can help beat Diabetes, they help with constipation, they are great to fight cancer, they are great for lactation.

6. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a form of chocolate which consists of cocoa solids, cocoa butter. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids and lutein, which are the same compounds that cause sun damage. Dark chocolate also contains antioxidants, which fight against cell damage and cancer.

Dark chocolate may also increase the effectiveness of certain medications, such as warfarin, by delaying or inhibiting the oxidation of the drugs. Cocoa contains a substance called flavanol glycoside A, which blocks the enzyme flavanol peroxidase, which is responsible for peroxidation of the drugs. Dark chocolate also decreases the absorption of other drugs and alcohol in your system.

7. Dumpling

Dumpling is a food that consists primarily of strips of cooked dough wrapped around fillings, or simply of noodles with no fillings. The dough can come from potato, wheat or bread, and can be stuffed with meats, vegetables, cheese, fruits, sweets or other foods. It usually has the filling in the center. Dumpling is traditionally made from the wheat dough called koumiss. It is sometimes made of egg whites but more often, it is made of wheat flour.

8. Durian

The fruit is native to southeast Asia, and Thailand grows more than half a million metric tons of these weird looking things every year. this fruit smells terrible. It’s been described using words like, rotting onions or raw sewage.it has a spiky rind and the inside is a yellow, soft colored creamy fruit.

9. Dill Leaves

Dill is a perennial herb belonging to the mint family Apiaceae or Lamiaceae.it contains natural flavonoids which are very important for your lungs and your oral cavities helps prevent cancer.it has several vitamins and minerals that are essential to your diet.

10. Dandelion

The Dandelion plant is actually a part of the genera Asteraceae family. They are native to Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. Taraxacum officinarum, or Dandelion plant, is an evergreen genus of flowering perennials in the lily family Asteraceae, which contains species commonly called dandelions in North America. The plant is most often found in South Asia, including India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and China.

11. Dodger

Dodger is a American food giant that offers dodger stadium foods. Like burgers, hot dogs and many more stadium foods.

12. Double Cheeseburger

The Double Cheeseburger is a staple for almost any American celebration. While the day itself is all about the Double Cheeseburger, which does not mean that you cannot add your own personal twists to the meal. If you are looking for a unique twist, some of the best ingredients ever to grace a hamburger never fail when it comes to added tanginess to a hamburger

13. Duck Sauce

Duck Sauce is considered one of the best sauces available. Its unique sweet, tangy and slightly spicy flavor is perfect for Asian and American cuisines alike. It’s often used as an accompaniment to rice or noodles, as a dipping sauce for deep fried dishes like wonton strips, egg rolls, spring rolls or with many different types of seafood.

14. Divinity

Divinity is made with whipped egg whites sugar, and corn syrup. It’s a nougat. It’s whipped egg whites, with sugar and/or honey and some sort of nuts. A nougat can be found in different candy bars like 3 Musketeers, Snickers, and Zero Bar Divinity.

15. Dolmas

Dolma dishes are familiar with the middle east. The name dolma comes from a combination of two words, one of which is “dolm”, meaning rosy, as well as “ma”, meaning sweet. These two words actually come from the Aztec word “home”, which means sweet. Dried plums, raisins, dates, figs, berries, pineapples, acacia nuts, and sesame seeds are some examples of foods that can be used to prepare this dish.

16. Dip Sauce

dip sauce is an indispensable ingredient for all kinds of dishes. Dips are typically used to add texture or flavor to a dish, including sandwiches, pita sandwiches, shrimp, raw vegetable salsas, seafood, and chicken salads.

17. Deep-Fried Cookies

Deep-fried cookies are an indulgent comfort food just like any other. They have been enjoyed by millions for thousands of years and will continue to be enjoyed throughout the world. They are nutritious, delicious and will make anyone who eats them feel better.

18. Demerara

Demerara is a form of sugar. it’s made by spinning the sugar in a turbine. It has a little bit of a molasses flavor where turbinado tastes more like honey Demerara is used sprinkled on top of or in baked goods like gingerbread.

19. Dessert

Desserts is a course that consists of multiple sweet dishes. For example cakes, candies and many more types of sweet dishes are called desserts.

20. Dragon fruit

The dragon fruit has a long and colorful history in South America. The Inca used it as an appetizer on offerings to their gods and goddesses. The fruit looks like a small grape with a dark purple, purplish or blue-green skin. The size of a small grape is about two to two and a half inches across.

21. Decaf Coffee

Decaf is a decaffeinated coffee. It’s the coffee from coffee beans that have had at least 97 percent of their caffeine removed.it still does contain trace amounts of caffeine. Decaf coffee is similar to regular coffee apart from the caffeine.

22. Damson

Damson is a great healthy alternative to traditional candy. There are two main kinds of Damson fruits that you can purchase, dried and fresh. The dried kind of Damson fruit contains all of the natural flavor and fiber of the original fruit and is much harder to find. The fresh type of Damson fruit has the skin intact and is a lot easier to find in stores. It also contains more fiber and more of the vitamins that the original fruit had.

23. Dahl

Dahl is a traditional dish of India and Pakistan. is a great source of protein dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates. Dahl have many different types. Different types have different taste and benefits.

24. Daiquiri

Daiquiri is a very popular family of tropical-themed cocktails, whose origins can be traced back to Sicily and the mixing of citrus juices with rum.it is simply a variation on the traditional Manhattan drink.it is a combination of lime juice mixed with tequila and rum.

25. Dolphinfish

Dolphinfish is a flat-finned ray-fish generally found in warm, subtropical, and offshore waters around the world. Also commonly known as dolphin and dorado, it’s one of two representatives of the coryphid family, the other being the common salmon Dorado. Because of its flat fin, it’s often mistaken for a variety of brightly-colored tropical fish.

26. Dough

Dough is the basic foundation of all baked goods, including cakes, biscuits, waffles, pies, loafers, hamburgers, donuts and other foods. It is also the ingredient that makes bread rise and is the substance from which most bread is baked.

27. Drambuie

Drambuie is an English liqueur that originally was created from the mixture of different herbs, distilling the ingredients and conditioning them. Drambuie is made by the Bell family, based in Scotland. Drambuie is also known as Dancong and Bichon Frise, in the United States it is called Scotchbell.

28. Duck

Duck is one of the most popular bird. Duck has a lot more health benefits compared to beef. It is very high in protein, fiber and vitamins like B & D. You also get minerals such as potassium and calcium in your duck meat. The white meat of the duck is very easy to chew and you will not feel like you have been eating raw meat. It is said that duck meat is the best tasting meat.

29. Dim Sum

Dim Sum is actually a wide variety of Chinese meals which Cantonese folks traditionally enjoy as a staple meal for lunch and dinner. In modern times, this type of cuisine has been brought to life through the popularity of dim sum bistros and restaurants all over the world.

30. Devilled Eggs

Devilled Eggs are the foolproof delicious appetizer. The are easy to make and the taste of this appetizer is super delicious. If you want to get more creative with cooking with these delicious looking eggs, you can try to make sausage, omelets, or any other kind of dish that uses this cooking vessel.

31. Debbie Snacks

Debbie is a popular TV cooking show from the United States. It features celebrity chef recipes that are made famous by some of America’s finest chefs. Debbie makes her own pre-made snacks at her restaurant called “The Cheesecake Factory”.

32. Dark Corn Syrup

Dark Corn Syrup is sweet, rich, and lusciously syrupy in appearance and texture. It is made from ripe corn stalks that have been cut and allowed to dry for several hours. When this process is complete, it becomes a syrup that has become widely available to consumers. Dark corn syrup has a variety of uses, depending on who you ask.

33. Devil’s Food Cake

The Devils Food Cake is known as a sweet German pastry. This delicious cake was created over 100 years ago in Germany. The name comes from the German word “Devil’s Food” which translates to “Bad Dish”. In America, this delicious pastry is a traditional Christmas treat. You can find this delicious cake at many Christmas parties during the holiday season.

34. Dump Cake

Dump cakes are simply one of those ultimate easy desserts to create. This is a very old and a classic recipe, which should always be at your ready! It is absolutely perfect for a last second dessert. You just need just 4 basic ingredients to create this great dump cake. These simple ingredients are flour, sugar, baking powder, lemon juice and vanilla extract.

35. Diospyros nigra

This is a chocolate pudding fruit otherwise known as a black sapote. It’s very soft it looks and feels like a rotten green tomato.