7 Best Indian Cooking Tips in 2021

7 Best Indian Cooking Tips in 2021

7 Best Indian Cooking Tips

Indian cuisine is considered to be diverse. One reason for this is the influence of various cultures that once occupied this vast territory. From conquerors such as Alexander the Great to the British, it is no wonder that many love the taste and food from the East.

The food served in Indian’s homes and restaurants like those in the United States are considered to be one of the healthiest in the world. It does not only consist of vegetables that many may perceive but it also has bread, meat, poultry and fish.

Most of the food prepared in Indian homes is made from scratch. This means the ingredients are purchased then dried in the sun or washed first before it is cooked. This practice is a bit different from Western culture but in the end, a finished product is produced for everyone to eat.

Here are a few tips worth knowing for those who want to prepare some Indian cuisine.

1. The Right Equipment

The person must have the right equipment to cook the dishes. A good example is the Karahi which is a type of saucepan. Oil placed in this type will always in the bottom reducing the amount of fat produced in regular saucepans.

7 Best Indian Cooking Tips in 2021

2. Rice

Rice is one of the things that are always prepared in an Indian meal. Those who would like to please the guests should follow a basic rule and that is this should be not sticky.

7 Best Indian Cooking Tips in 2021

Washing it a few times until the water becomes clear can do this. Since some will stick again while cooking, the person can pour in a few drops of lemon juice to prevent this from happening.

3. Spices

Most Indian dishes are spicy and one a favorite is curry. Those who find it too salty should cut some potatoes and throw it in the pan. This is known to reduce the bitterness making it better for people to appreciate the dish.

Curry comes in a yellowish color and is usually done using chicken or beef. Those who want to make the color lighter should use whipped yogurt instead of cream and replace Ghee with groundnut oil for cooking.

Curry Powder Image

4. Protein Prep

Another tip about preparing either chicken or meat is that this should be cut into small pieces. This is known to cut down the cooking time that by more than ten minutes.

5. Keep an Eye on your Veggies

The person must consistently watch the vegetables when it is being cooked. Having these in the oven too long can cause discoloration and lose its vitamins and nutrients.

6. Spice Pastes

Most Indian meals use paste to preserve the color of the spices. This is achieved grinding vegetables such as garlic, ginger and onion with a little water to give it that smooth finish.

 pestle with mortar and spice paste

7. Put in Garlic LAST!

If the dish to be prepared requires the use of oil, garlic and onions in the pan, the last that must be put in is garlic. This will keep the meal from burning and tasting bitter.

Indian cuisine isn’t as complicated as one may think. All the person has to do is read through the text and practice it.

Indian mothers have taught this to the children and at a very young age. So, if it took these individuals years to master it, those who are not that familiar will have to understand that this will not happen overnight.