How To Cook Sirloin Tip Roast

how to cook sirloin tip roast

Jake just got off work and wanted to have a good meal before going to bed. Looking through the freezer, this person found some leftovers from the luncheon that was held a few days in the house.

There were some hotdogs and burgers but the individual wasn’t in the mood. Luckily, there was still some sirloin tip roast that simply had to be heated up which will surely satisfy this craving.

It will take awhile for the meat to defrost and reach room temperature. Luckily, the microwave was working so the time to get it ready from 45 minutes can be cut down to only 20.

Jake then turned up the griller to high so it could warm up. Within minutes, the microwave clicked and the sirloin tip roast can be placed in with the setting at medium. After 10 minutes or so, this should be turned over. This will ensure that both sides of meat are cooked evenly before it is served.

The turnover period should be done two or three times so this will usually take an hour to cook in the griller. There are three ways to check if this is ready to be eaten.

The first will be to use a thermometer. This should be placed in the center of the sirloin and must read 125 degrees. If this is achieved, it wouldn’t be that long any more so the person must check the clock for five more minutes before bringing it out.

The second will be slicing a small portion and looking inside. If the color is brown, then it is almost time. The downside to this is that some juice will come out so many prefer to use a thermometer instead.

The third, which takes time to practice, is by hand. The person will have to pinch the side to see if it is firm. A lot of people get burns on the finger so this should be done by the faint hearted.

Part of a healthy meal involves having some vegetables. After taking the sirloin out of the griller, these should be chopped into small little pieces and thrown in as a side dish. Those that don’t like carrots, peas, corn or fries can probably make mash potatoes instead.

When both are ready, this can be placed in a dinner plate and ready to eat. Jake enjoyed having meat with red wine so a bottle that still had some in the ref was brought out for this person to consume.

Jake chewed slowly to enjoy the juiciness of each bite which really made this individual enjoy getting back to the house and enjoying a home cooked meal.

After cleaning up the table and washing the dishes, Jake wondered what will the stomach crave for next. Will this be a T-bone or a porterhouse? After all, these were all great slabs of meat, which will have to be bought the following day at the supermarket.

Cooking sirloin steak could take an hour to finish. If the person adds the preparation time that includes marinating and leaving it overnight for it to settle to have any effect on the meat, this will approximately be half day or less.

There isn’t a perfect or ideal time when sirloin tip roast must be served on the table. If the person craves for it, one will do whatever it takes to make it happen.