Mar Far Chicken Recipe

mar far chicken recipe

I love cooking and I hope you will enjoy my recipe for mar far chicken. This dish is quick to make, healthy, and has a great flavour! It’s also really easy to customize the ingredients based on what you have available in your kitchen. It is perfect for any type of weeknight dinner or for a fast and easy lunch.

Mar far chicken is a delicious chicken dish that is super easy to make. Mar far chicken recipe is perfect for any occasion. This is super delicious, easy, and simple to make. This chicken recipe is approaching 40 years old and has been featured on the television show Cheers near the end of its run. It’s the perfect dish for the ones who wish to eat low-calorie food but want to avoid high-calorie options.

Mar Far Chicken Recipe is a healthy recipe. I love to make this for my kids and they always ask for seconds! Mar Far Chicken Recipe is easy to make and it takes under an hour from start to finish. You can serve mar far chicken with rice or potatoes as a side dish. It also pairs well with other savoury dishes like green vegetables or lentils.

How To Make Mar Far Chicken

Mar Far Chicken Recipe is perfect for when you need a quick chicken dinner. It’s easy to prepare and you can add in all the fixings of your choice (tomato and/or pepper), and of course, make it gluten-free by using Quinoa instead of wheat flour. after collecting all the ingredients let’s start making Mar Far Chicken Recipe.


  • Chicken breast, 1 pound
  • Flour, 3/4 cup
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Baking powder, 1 teaspoon
  • 1 large egg
  • Milk, 3/4 cup
  • Soy sauce, 3 teaspoons
  • Oil (for frying)


Step 1

Slice the chicken into 1-inch-wide pieces that are 1 1/2 to 2 inches long. 

Step 2

In a medium bowl, sift the flour. Combine the flour with salt and baking powder. 

Step 3

Make the batter by whisking the egg, milk, and soy sauce together in another bowl. Mix thoroughly. Arrange them in a row so they can be easily handled. 

Step 4

Dip the chicken pieces in the flour mixture. Coat them evenly and thinly. To make the chicken crispy, the layers need to be thin. 

Step 5

Dip the chicken in the batter after it has been floured. Gently shake each piece to remove the excess batter.  

Step 6

For frying, heat a pan on the stove. Pour oil into the pan and heat. Fry the batter-dipped chicken pieces. If you set the heat setting of the stove to medium-high, you will achieve the ideal temperature of 365°F.

Step 7

To drain excess oil, use absorbent paper. After the oil has drained, serve the fried rice with your choice of veggies. If you wish, sprinkle some chopped parsley on top. 

Mar Far Chicken Recipe

Cuisine: American

Cuisine type: Lunch

Servings: 6 Servings

Preparation time: 20 Minutes

Cooking time: 25 Minutes

Total time: 45 Minutes

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