Delicious Magical Butter Gummies Recipe

magical butter gummies

These magical gummies are so good, you’ll never want to eat the regular kind again. This child-friendly recipe is based on an old Irish children’s story, but the result is every bit as good. It’s more than just a tasty dessert. It’s a great way to teach children about the countries of Europe.

These magical butter gummies are a great way to get a boost from your favorite snack. They’re a delicious snack that’s different from what you’re used to. But it’s not just a sweet treat, they contain a combination of Magical Tincture, Flavored Gelatin, Honey, and Fruit Juice that will give you a boost to your energy levels.

These gummies are a delicious sugar-free alternative to traditional butter candy. Plus, they’re a great way to get vitamins and minerals into your diet. Plus, these gummies taste amazing! hidden in a delicious tropical flavor, the magic butter gummies will make you want to raid your freezer and grab as many as you can find. It’s still very popular today and has often been copied and replicated by other hotels. The reason it’s so popular is that it’s delicious and can be eaten on its own, or mixed with other recipes.

How To Make Magical Butter Gummies

After collecting all the following ingredients, let’s start making yummy magical butter gummies. 


  • Fruit Juice, 1 cup 
  • Honey or Agave, ¼ cup
  • Magical Tincture, 1 ¾ cup 
  • Flavored Gelatin, 12 ounces
  • Unflavored Gelatin, 2½ ounces 
  • Citric Acid Powder or Tart & Sour, 1 tablespoon 
  • Flavor Extract, ½ tablespoon 


Step 1

Whisk all the gelatins and citric acid together in a large bowl. In a separate bowl, whisk honey or agave together with the chilled juice; then be sure all the ingredients are combined well.

Step 2

While you reduce your tincture, leave the gelatin mixture to soften, or “bloom”. Reduce your tincture on low heat using a non-stick skillet until most of the alcohol evaporates.

Step 3
In a circular motion, add flavor extract until the MBO mix resembles molasses; add the gelatin mixture afterward. Combine the gelatin mix with the MBO mix in a saucepan, and simmer the gummy mixture over medium heat.

Step 4

Keep stirring for 7-10 minutes, until all the gelatin has dissolved. Refrigerate for 45- 60 minutes after putting the mixture into the Magical Gummy Tray. Enjoy your Magical Gummies after removing them from the tray!

Delicious Magical Butter Gummies Recipe

Cuisine: American

Cuisine type: Dessert

Servings: 1 persons

Preparation time: 10 Minutes

Cooking time: 15 Minutes

Total time: 25 Minutes

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